November 12, 2011

American Wedding in Edinburgh – Ashley and David

lothian chambers wedding

This was a really difficult wedding to edit not because the photos were poor quality but because I like so many of them and I couldn’t decide which photos I wanted in black and white or colour. In the end Liv had to choose for me.

Ashley and David came over from Florida to get married at Lothian Chambers. David originally contacted me back in May about shooting his wedding and after a couple emails and a few questions he booked me. As you will know I love shooting weddings for American couples, they always turn out really great and they’re generally good fun.

This was Ashley and David’s first time in Edinburgh and instantly they loved the architecture of the city. With this in mind and also with it being their first trip here we decided we would stick to the Royal Mile area and take a load of captures. After the ceremony we headed over to St Giles, took some pictures outside, then we headed over to a close along the Royal Mile and finally ended up at the Writers Museum Square and in front of the Assembly Rooms.

I think David was a little camera shy, at least in terms of how to pose, but nowadays I give a lot of direction. It’s my job to capture great photos so by giving a lot of direction I can place couples into certain poses which gives us a better opportunity to take better photos.

Hope you like this small selection of captures from the day.

The wedding party was really small, just the people in the above two photos. Everyone was really nice.

The last two captures are easily my favourite of the day. I just really love their poses, the depth of field, everything.

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  1. AuntE

    To Chris: The takes you chose to share on your web page are truly stunning. I especially like the closing shots, too.

    To Ashley and David: What more can I say. These photos say it all! Not only do you make a beautiful couple in appearance, you have what it takes to make for a strong marriage – love over flowing and a special someone to share it with! Your photographer did a wonderful job of capturing the joy of your special day. Never loose sight of each other and how precious your relationship is. We are so proud of you both and wish nothing but life’s best for you in the years to come.

    Love much and always,
    Aunt E and Uncle T

    • admin


      Thank you for the kind comments about the photography. Ashley and David were a real pleasure to work with. Both of them are really lovely and with a little tiny bit of direction were took beautiful photos.

      Many thanks again

  2. Vancouver Wedding Photographer

    A friend of mine is getting married across the pond so I thought I’d check out your site. Beautiful wedding photos, Chris!

    Cheers from Vancouver, Canada 🙂

    • admin

      Hi Audra,

      Thank you for your comment, glad you like my wedding photos. Had a quick scan through your website and the images are also really beautiful.