At the beginning of September I had the great pleasure of shooting a wedding for Lorna and Simon at the Apex International Hotel in Grassmarket, Edinburgh. This was my first hotel at this wedding and it was a really interesting job.

First of all Lorna and Simon are really lovely and their guests were also really nice. Everyone was polite and it was a great day to be part of. The Apex itself wasn’t quite as great as the party though. The hotel itself was ludicrously hot (my lenses were collecting condensation and it felt like we were in Bali again!) and the wedding organiser was quite rude to Liv but apart from that we really enjoyed capturing this wedding.

Lorna looked really beautiful in her dress and we got a chance to take lots of preparation photos which was great. It also allowed us to capture the day at a more relaxed pace and apart from the aforementioned temperature the hotel was quite relaxing.

The groom and his men were really funny as well. I believe Simon and at least the two guys playing guitars are in bands (they were really good at playing!) and it was their first time wearing kilts which was cool. They also wanted to take some really genius photos walking across the zebra crossing Beatles style which was simply hilarious. Everyone was laughing.

It was also really awesome capturing a wedding in Grassmarket. For many of the large weddings we capture I/we usually have a two hour period where we have to hang around while people eat their meals (meals always take at least 1.5 hours) so depending on the location we can be a bit lost. Grassmarket however has some really great bars and restaurants. Liv and I popped over to the Mussel and Steak restaurant ( and had a really delicious meal. Sadly after the meal Liv was too tired to keep assisting me (hey, she is pregnant!) but after the meal I was fully recharged. Check out Liv’s website for more info on this.

So here are some of my favourite captures from the wedding. I took over 300 photos in the end and it was really hard selecting my favourites but here you go.

I was in two minds about including the above. Technically it’s a bad photo but it made me laugh with the guys mooning out the window.

The Apex has really fantastic views of Grassmarket and Edinburgh Castle. I exposed these shots different to how I would normally but I wanted to include the fantastic background in these photos.

The above two photos were easily the most fun of the day. They guys in this photo were clearly enjoying themselves and everyone was laughing. Even the traffic stopped behind me and the motorists were laughing.

Other things going on. This month I’m again really busy. I’ve shot three weddings and a hanfasting since this one (have one more to go) so I’m crazy busy editing photos, sending invoices etc. I’m also going to spend some time in the darkroom next week so I’ll hopefully be able to share some REAL black and white wedding photos soon.