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Edinburgh’s most beautiful castle

When most people think of wedding venues in Scotland, many dream of castle weddings and in Edinburgh the most obvious thought is of a wedding at Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle is great in it’s own way but it’s expensive and way too busy. I’ve had tourists literally walk into weddings and take photos. Even with crowd control it’s that busy!

In my very honest opinion and have visited many castles around Scotland, I believe Dalhousie Castle is one of the most stunning castles in Scotland and easily the most beautiful hotel castle. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a few weddings there and it’s so beautiful and so unique.


The oldest standing part of Dalhousie Castle is the drum tower which dates back to the 15th century, although the clan that founded the castle dates back further. Most of the current castle dates to the 17th century but throughout it’s history and especially during the 20th the castle has been used for many different purposes.

Perhaps one of the most famous events in the castle’s history is when King Edward 1 (Longshanks) stayed at Dalhousie Castle when he came to Scotland to William Wallace. Other famous residents have included Oliver Cromwell but it was in the mid 20th century that the castle really changed. In 1977 Clan Ramsay, who had owned Dalhousie for more than eight centuries, sold the castle. The castle has been leased out to a number of tenants including a boarding school but in 1972 the castle was turned into a hotel, of which it still is (although with different ownerships) today.

the balmoral hotel edinburgh


Dalhousie Castle itself is surprisingly huge inside, there are a number of really different but really stunning rooms. Whether you want a light bright room on one of the upper floors or a more dungeon/basement kind of feel there’s a room to suit all.

All of the weddings I have photographed to date have taken place in the chapel which resides immediately to the right of the main entrance once you walk in. Guests will be ushered into the room and finally the bride, regardless of which floor she’s staying in, will be ushered down the staircase that sits on top of the reception.

Ceremonies are relatively short but really sweet and following ceremonies I usually capture the big group shots immediately followed by some smaller group shots, a quick drink for everyone and then couple’s shots for the bride and groom. While the site itself is quite small it’s infinitely photogenic and every few steps you take inside and out there’s a really stunning spot inside.


Dalhousie Castle has a delightful spa, there’s a terraced restaurant and the Dungeon restaurant looks simply amazing. Also there’s a falconry on site, you can do archery and you almost always spot the wee bunny or two running around. Dalhousie Castle is also only a 20 minute drive from Edinburgh City Centre.

the balmoral hotel edinburgh


Here is a selection of photographs I have captured at The Balmoral Hotel. To date I’ve photographed a graduation ball there, a wedding reception and a full day wedding.

I was delighted with the full day wedding photos but was asked by the couple not to share them online. If you’re interested in seeing photos from that wedding contact me.

the balmoral hotel wedding
the balmoral hotel edinburgh
the balmoral hotel wedding
the balmoral hotel graduation ball
the balmoral hotel wedding
the balmoral hotel wedding