Bank of Scotland Fireworks Display Edinburgh 2011

September 07, 2011
fringe fireworks

Every year to mark the end of the Military Tattoo and Fringe Festival the Bank of Scotland sponsors a fireworks display to close the festivities. I stood on Calton Hill last year to try and take some photos but I wasn’t really happy with any of the photos I took but this year I went back to watch the fireworks and this time from Arthurs Seat.

I nearly gave myself a hernia lugging up my camera and tripod and the view from Arthurs Seat definitely isn’t as good as Calton Hill but it’s a lot more convenient (a lot less people too!). Also this year I felt the fireworks were a bit disappointing. Last year there were constant fireworks but this year there seemed to be one or two fireworks every five minutes. Maybe because August was rained out the organisers thought it didn’t matter about the fireworks this year.

Liv was working in her restaurant right by the castle and even though she didn’t go out to watch them a couple of her colleagues did and even they said they were poor.

Anyway, here is my first real go at fireworks photography. Have to say it was really good fun and this year I did a little bit of research about camera settings. Last year I shot at large apertures (f2.8) and ISO 1250, this year ISO 100 and f8 and I really quite like some of the photos.

It’s bonfire night coming up fairly soon so I’ll definitely be out looking for more fireworks to photograph. Hope you like some of these…

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