So just recently I shot a recently interesting event, a handfasting! A handfasting is basically an old traditional ceremony which draws a contract of marriage. There’s no documentation and it’s symbolic.

Tine and Davy came over all the way from Belgium to have their handfasting and they stayed at the Witchery by the Castle for just under a week. Tine, the lady, contacted me about shooting their handfasting and after discussing different locations around Edinburgh we set a plan for their big day. I was really curious as to why they chose to do a handfasting and Tine and Davy really love Scottish culture and wanted a non religious but very traditional ceremony. They said they originally got the idea from watching Braveheart which is absolutely great.

We started with Calton Hill, where they had the actual ceremony, which has some of the most spectacular views of the city where you can see everything from Edinburgh Castle,  Arthurs Seat, New Town, Old Town and more. Interestingly just a few days ago before the handfasting Hurricane Katia hit Edinburgh so Calton Hill as beautiful as it is was horrendously windy on the day but thankfully dry and sunny.

After the ceremony we headed off to Old Town where we took pictures around some of the closes and then up towards the Castle. We took some photos around St Giles, a couple in front of the Witchery by the Castle. We decided not to go into the castle as there was as always so many tourists and also with Davy being in a wheelchair I was a bit concerned about space. The next day I met the couple again to discuss different post wedding options (albums/prints) and met them at Prestonfield House Hotel where they were going to the stables to watch a show. The last few photos where Davy is wearing his flat cap were taken in the grounds of Prestonfield which is still easily my favourite venue for shooting weddings in Edinburgh.

Hope you like the photos below.

I really love the above two photos, likely my favourite two from the time I spent with Tine and Davy