Wharram Percy

For the last 18 months I’ve been coming back to the same site to take photos as part of a personal project. I love things that are old and decaying and about 5-10 miles from Malton in central

Other Yorkshire

I really enjoy visiting Yorkshire. The people are generally friendly, especially so in the North, and it has great scenery. In this post I saw a funny Rabits at Work sign in Wharram Percy, we went

Robin Hoods Bay

One of my favourite places to go in the UK is Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire coast. Before I got together with Liv I used to travel to Yorkshire a couple times a year and would travel to Whitby, Staithes and other places

Birmingham landscape photos

Birmingham landscape photos

Today I have for you a compilation of my favourite photos from the time I lived in Birmingham. I lived in Birmingham for a total of 9 years, almost to the month, but I was

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