August 06, 2010

Chinese Cooking Class Edinburgh UK

chinese cooking class

Chinese Cooking Class Edinburgh. On Wednesday 4th August we had the great pleasure of welcoming Scottish MSP Robin Harper and his wife Jenny into our home for a cooking class. Robin has just turned 70 and the class was a complete surprise to him. He’s the only member of the Green party to have been elected to Scottish Parliament and he was extremely charming.

Liv took him through the different steps for making two of his favourite dishes, Singapore Noodles and Scallops (in this case Steamed Scallops). He cooked everything delightfully and was completely charming.

My partner is who is an extremely talented and highly trained chef has started her own business and cooking blog. She was born in Taiwan and studied in one of the top hospitality colleges in the world before moving on to working in highly regarded hotels and restaurants in both Taiwan and here in the UK.

One of the purposes of her blog is to prove that authentic Eastern cooking can be made at home with ingredients that you can find in either your local supermarket or local chinese supermarket. One of our annoyances is the current plight of so called Eastern food specialist chefs, ie Fuschia Dunlop and Ching He Huang who really haven’t got a clue about Eastern food yet make lots of money.

Her blog can be found here:

Photos were taken by myself:

Hope you enjoy

Chinese Cooking Class Ingredients

Chinese cooking class Edinburgh Scotland

Chinese cooking class in Edinburgh

Chinese Cooking Class Edinburgh Scotland

Singapore Noodles authentic recipe

Steamed Scallops recipe

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  1. Billy Wilson

    Could you provide a private chinese cooking class for 1-3 people and how much would it cost?

    • Chris

      Hi Billy,

      I’m afraid my partner is no longer doing cooking lessons. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the time to do them for at least the near future.