Last year a company called DEM Solutions contacted me to take some portraits for the workers in their head office including the CEO. DEM Solutions design engineering simulation software and just recently they contacted me again to take some portraits for the Managing Director of their new Tokyo office.

This time, rather than portraits inside, they wanted some portraits taking outside but due to limited time we had to take the portraits in really torrential rain. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this blog August was absolutely hideous for weather and true to form the weather was hideous on the day.

So with the help of the Office Manager and a really large umbrella, we managed to capture the pictures below. Thankfully the two gentlemen only got slightly wet (I got drenched) and I think they turned out pretty well.

Also some updates on recent things. August was dead for me in terms of weddings (I did this shoot, two pre wedding shoots and also a portrait shoot on Calton Hill) but now I’m in September I’m really busy again with weddings. I photographed a really great wedding at Apex International Hotel on the 3rd and I have weddings every Saturday of this month plus two weddings and a band shoot this coming week.

Tomorrow I’m photographing a wedding for Taz and Natasha who I recently did a pre shoot for and I’m really excited.