November 26, 2017

Corporate Portraits

London Airbnb photographer

Almost exactly a year ago I took some corporate portraits for Balmoral Asset Management. They were in need of updating their staff profiles on their website and asked if I could pop in and spend a good part of the day taking headshots, full body shots and also take some PR photos.

Balmoral Asset Management are as the title would suggest an Asset Management company based right in the city centre. Maybe it’s because of the way I work nowadays and the way I talk but I found everyone at Balmoral Asset (going to abbreviate them) really friendly. In the past I’ve found some businesses quite stuffy but when I took photos for Balmoral Asset a year ago I found everyone really friendly. So I was delighted when they called me again and asked if I could pop over again to take a few more photos of some new members of staff.

I was only required to take photos of four people so I was in and out in 40 minutes but photographing these corporate portraits for Balmoral Asset again was a real pleasure.

corporate portrait edinburgh
corporate portrait edinburgh
corporate portrait edinburgh
corporate portrait edinburgh

Other things going on. I’ve got four weddings to edit and I’m just finishing up my first semester at university (not photography related, doing something completely different). I’ve got exams coming up and two large pieces of coursework to complete. I’m reasonably busy with the car photography so right now going through a really busy work period but stay tuned as I’ve got some pretty awesome jobs to share here in the near future.

I’m also still working on the St Johns timelapse project. I’ve been working on this for over a year now and there’s still more build time coming but I’m looking forward to seeing the final timelapse. It also looks like I’ll be rebuilding their website which is great for me.

But anyway, today I’ve shared these four corporate portraits and lots more coming up.

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