March 30, 2017

Deadly Donuts

deadly donuts

Deadly Donuts

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Edinburgh, Food, Food Reviews

Something completely different today and a huge recommendation to a local business called Deadly Donuts. Liv and I are huge foodies, we’re willing to travel some really decent distances to eat recommended food but sticking to Edinburgh, when we lived in our previous flat there was nothing to eat locally. We had a local Morrisons supermarket, a Toby Carvery and that’s it.

Now we live in Marchmont, which is basically city centre, we have all kinds of really incredible food within walking distance. Just two streets away we have a fabulous green grocer, the best fishmongers in Edinburgh; Eddie’s Seafood Market, and we have deadly donuts. Liv and I really love our sweet food and for good donuts we used to drive over to North Berwick to Bostock Bakery. Their donuts are really excellent, really delicious, but they were always too sweet and once a month or so during the summer it’s cool driving over there but it was too far to go for just donuts the rest of the year around.

Funny thing is it’s often only once you move into an area that you discover the best local things and Deadly Donuts is a place we’ve driven past many times but now we walk to the parks in the meadows a couple times each week we go past Deadly Donuts quite often and how awesome are they?!

First of all Deadly Donuts have been open for around 1.5 years and almost daily they update their Instagram account; with the day’s daily donuts. We popped over last weekend and had a strawberry milkshake flavoured cronut (sensational) and a hazelnut and chocolate donut (almost amazing). Today we popped over again and we bought two salted caramel and nuts donuts, 2 st clements cream donuts and 2 s’mores donuts. Liked the third kind, really like the first but the st clements cream donuts were incredible, citrusy, a bit orange and a tiny bit lemon. Their doughnut dough is the best I’ve eaten in my life. The dough inside the doughnut is soft but has the perfect amount of chewiness and the outer of the doughnut is crispy. Their doughnuts also aren’t too sweet.

Deadly Donuts doughnuts are around £2 each, they also serve lunch and dinner occasionally (if we ever go for either I’ll update this article) but for now we’ve only tried their donuts and they are the best in Edinburgh and the best I’ve eaten in my 37 years alive.

They can be found at 21 Argyle Pl, Edinburgh EH9 1JJ and the best place to find out what they serve is their Instagram account as mentioned above.

deadly donuts

Strawberry Milkshake Cronut

strawberry milkshake cronut deadly donuts

Chocolate and Hazelnut Donut

chocolate and hazelnut donut deadly donuts

Salted Caramel and Nut Donut

salted caramel and nut donut deadly donuts

St Clements Cream Donut

st clements cream donut deadly donuts

S'more Donut

s'more donut deadly donuts

Raspberry Donut (made with real fresh raspberries!)

raspberry donut deadly donuts

Peanut Butter Donut (heavenly)

raspberry donut deadly donuts

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