August is always the best month to visit Edinburgh simply because of the amount of culture that is around. As well as the superb Fringe Festival there is the Military Tattoo which is held anually at Edinburgh Castle. I remember watching the tattoo as a child but never really thought about going to see it.

Normally the tickets sell out the year before but by chance I found a shop just off George Street that was selling tickets for just £10 above retail price. So of course I snapped up a pair and despite the horrendously cramped seating (I am 6 foot 4) we watched a really superb show.

Highlight of the show had to be the Top Secret drum corps from Switzerland, their part of the show was great. Another highlight was the clothing they wear. Liv is always asking me to wear a kilt, which for me is a bit strange as I’m English but if I could find a kilt as beautiful as the ones they wear in a tattoo I could be convinced to try it.

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