November 15, 2015

Food and Restaurant Photography Glasgow

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Food and Restaurant Photography Glasgow. Over the last couple weeks I’ve been travelling to Glasgow again quite a lot to photograph food. This time I got to try quite a lot of the food which was really appreciated.

The first photo, the burger is from a restaurant called Distill. Distill looks like a pub with a restaurant area but the staff were super friendly and the food looked absolutely delicious. I didn’t try anything as I had already eaten food at the first restaurant I went to but I’ll definitely go there again with my family.

Distill Glagsow
Jacker de Vlande Glasgow

The second restaurant, Jacker de Vlande, looks awesome inside. They’ve painted it up so it looks like a slaughter house and it’s very atmospheric. it was also quite tricky to photograph food as the restaurant is really dark but on the day I visited I bought a cheeseburger from them and it was pretty good. The burger itself was a little spicy which is how I like my burgers to be so thumbs up there.

About the photo, instead of having just photos of burgers, burgers and more burgers throughout my blog, instead I’ve posted a photo of the restaurant.

Juice Garden Glagsow
The next place (with the cakes) is a cafe called Juice Garden. They sell health juices, healthy smoothies and food but also some quite nice looking cakes. Visually a smoothie is a smoothie so I didn’t include a photo hear but I tried their “Pink Banana” which has almond milk, strawberry and banana in it. I couldn’t take it in the car with me but I had a huge slurp before I jumped in and it made my day many times better for it.
Pickled Ginger Glasgow

Next up is a restaurant called Pickled Ginger. If you know anything about my food tastes I love Japanese food. LOVE IT. I could quite happily live off sushi/sashima/ramen etc.

Our choice of Japanese food in Scotland is pretty interesting. I’ve had really damn amazing sushi in London at Sticks n Sushi but in Edinburgh the only decent sushi restaurant we have is Kanpai. Kanpai is very good but expensive. There are a couple other places I’ve tried that sell sushi but without naming names they were pretty damn awful. The best sushi I’ve had has to be tied between Sticks n Sushi and Mitsui in Taipei. I haven’t made it to Japan myself (Liv has) but Mitsui (review here) was sublime and for what we ate incredible value.

Pickled Ginger is a relatively new Japanese restaurant in Glasgow and it’s actually really good. Certainly the best sushi offering that I’ve tried in Scotland. It’s very different to Sticks n Sushi (less creative) and Mitsui was on a whole other planet but I really liked it. The first time I visited I tried a roll of somekind (excellent), a dumpling (pretty good, better than any dumplings I’ve had in Edinburgh) and a bento box. The bento box was seasoned really strong but cooked perfectly. The rice was great, the pork lovely, sushi delicious and the salad awesome (and I hate salad normally). Go go go if you like Japanese food.

Rioja Glasgow
Rioja Glasgow
Rioja Glasgow

Last restaurant is Rioja which is a tapas restaurant. I first tried real tapas in Granada, Spain, a few years ago and loved it. I loved that you can buy a pretty cheap European beer and it came with a plate of tapas. Some tapas was better than others but what an awesome concept.

I didn’t try any of the food at Rioja but it looked very creative. The spring roll style sticks were haggis or black pudding and the chips, bacon and fried egg in a pan or like food porn for me.

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