Food Photographer Edinburgh

Food Photography Edinburgh. A few years ago before my daughter was born, my wife and I used to take photos and make content for her food blog eggwansfoododyssey. Liv is from Taiwan and when she moved to the UK she complained about the lack of really good Eastern food in the UK. We lived in Birmingham at the time and we’ve been to a number of Chinese restaurants around the country (in Bimingham, Glasgow, Manchester and London) and some are good but it’s still not quite the same thing.

So she started her blog with the intention of recollecting her favourite foods from when she grew up in Taiwan and also from when she lived in China for a period of time. In 2012 our daughter Amelia arrived and with Liv studying full time at college and myself being really busy with my photography work the food went largely on the back burner.

I say largely because in the last two years we made two cookbooks; Home Style Taiwanese Cooking, which you can buy internationally and even at Amazon (UK link here, US link here). I also spent a few months working for Deliveroo photographing food and restaurants in Glasgow and beyond. But now Liv has graduated (as of summer 2016) she’s started doing her food blog again and here are the first few things we have cooked for it. If you want to learn more about each recipe you can either click on the photo or text link underneath and that will take you to the recipe.

Suffice to say each recipe it absolutely delicious, even the salads and I hate 90% of the salads out there.

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