February 04, 2012

Food photography January 2012

food photography

If you follow this blog you’ll notice that I used to have a monthly round up of food photography but there hasn’t been anything since October. There’s some really good reasons for this. Most of my food photography comes from my partners cooking who you may know is a chef at Edinburgh’s most famous restaurant; The Witchery by the Castle.

Until the second week of January Liv had been working part time at the Witchery while studying full time at college but at the time of writing this post she’s around 34 weeks pregnant, so with the combination of college and working she’s been far too tired to cook for her blog. While she was working we were still eating really delicious dishes but more simple food like stir frys, rice dishes, etc, much more simple.

After she went on maternity leave and influenced by the Chinese New Year she’s started cooking more elaborate and different dishes. Below are a round up of the dishes that she has cooked for her blog this month.

In case you’re wondering everything is absolutely delicious and most of the dishes are fairly simple to prepare (even I can cook them!). Under each picture is a link for each recipe. Hope you like.

Authentic Chinese Fried Dumplings recipe
Fried Dumplings Recipe here

Authentic Lion Head Meatballs as cooked by Taiwanese Chef Liv WanLion Head Meatball Recipe here

Authentic Salmon Rice Noodle Soup Recipe as cooked by Taiwanese chef Liv WanSalmon Rice Noodle Soup Recipe here

Authentic Chinese turnip cake recipe as cooked by Taiwanese chef Liv WanTurnip Cake recipe here

Authentic Chinese steamed lotus root recipe complete with sweet sticky rice


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