So this May between jobs and college we started photographing some food again. As I’ve said in previous posts I absolutely love taking photos of food. We have a set way of working and Liv is absolutely superb at styling food so it’s really good fun.

This month for personal pleasure and for Liv’s eventual book (lots of changes and developments going on there) we photographed a beef ragu dish, eggs royale dish (which is absolutely divine, best hollandaise sauce I’ve ever tried), three cup chicken and salmon gravlax. We photographed the procedure photos for the salmon gravlax in a different way which I really like.

So here are our favourite food photos of the month. I’m really busy with work right now and Liv is organising her final project of the year for college so I’m not sure if we’ll do any food photography in June but see what happens.

Beef Ragu Recipe

Eggs Royale Recipe

Three Cup Chicken Recipe

Salmon Gravlax Preparation

Salmon Gravlax Preparation

Salmon Gravlax Preparation

Salmon Gravlax Recipe

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