July 01, 2011

Food Photography

food photography

You’ll probably have noticed if you follow my blog that I haven’t updated any food photos for a while. This isn’t because I’m not taking any food photos anymore, far from it, but because I’ve had other priorities recently. It’s now wedding season and I’ve been really busy with that but here are a few photos that I have taken of food since the last time I blogged food.

There’s a real mixture of dishes and even an incredibly delicious Italian dish but as always the photos focus entirely on the food rather than the surroundings. A few photos have some background items like raddishes but I believe if the food is good then the focus should only be on the food.

All of these dishes have been prepared by lovely Liv at: http://eggwansfoododyssey.com. As another bit of news Liv is making a very big change in her life, she’s going to college. We’ve been to Taiwan together twice now and the first time we didn’t really get to enjoy it. Sure we took lots of photos and ate lots of food but we didn’t really relax. This time we really relaxed and just appreciated life there and we’ve decided that we want to live there in a few years time.

We also want to have children and under Liv’s current circumstances that’s impossible. She works three days on three days off but the days on are 15-16 hours a day with absolutely no breaks. Just recently we had a single day heatwave (by UK standards) and her kitchen was something like 40C. Think about it, 40C for 15-16 hours, no chance! So she’ll go to college full time for two years and I get to eat more tasty food and share more here.

Hope you like these.

Authentic Chicken Satay recipe

Chicken Satay recipe here

Authentic Chinese Style Deep Fried Chicken Wings recipe

Chinese Style Deep Fried Chicken Wings recipe here

Authentic Chinese Cooked Rice with Bak Choy and Gammon recipe

Cooked Rice with Bak Choy and Gammon recipe here

Chinese Taiwanese Coriander Chili Beef Mince recipe

Coriander Chili Beef Mince Recipe here

Taiwanese Egg Spinach Squid Roll Recipe

Egg Spinach and Squid Roll recipe here

Green Papaya with Pork Rib Soup recipe

Green Papaya and Pork Rib Soup Recipe here

Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan Crisp

Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan Crisp

Authentic Prawn and Scallop Shumai recipe

Prawn and Scallop Shumai recipe here

Authentic Stir Fried Shredded Pork

Stir Fried Shredded Pork

As usual you can see the story and recipe behind each dish at Liv’s website: http://eggwansfoododyssey.com but also on my main website at https://www.chrisradleyphotography.com

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