I was really expecting January to be a quit month photography-wise but it turned out a really busy month. I had my first wedding of the year on the 24th with the lovely Kirstin and Keith, then I finished off the interior and graveyard work for St Johns. I’m also finally building a website for my panoramic and virtual tour images, constantly working through my SEO stuff. I work 45 hours doing IT work so I’m really really busy.

Every month we try to do some food photography for Liv’s website and despite the one photo that was a failure (concept was right but I screwed up the DOF) we photographed four different dishes. As usual rather than me explain what each one is, check out Liv’s blog at: http://eggwansfoododyssey.com for more information about each dish, it’s history and most importantly it’s recipe. More photos like these can also be found at Chris Radley Photography

On another note we paid for flight tickets this week to go to Taiwan again. Liv hasn’t been home since January 2009 and she’s been getting more and more eager to go home so we’re going back there for 10 days at the end of March followed by 4 days in Bali. We would have liked to go for longer but it’s difficult for Liv to get a lot of time off work plus I’m shooting a wedding at Prestonfield Hotel on the 12th April which I’m super super excited about.

Our plans for the wedding are to fly back on the 10th April and then get back to Edinburgh either really late on the 10th or first thing on the 11th.

Hope you enjoy the food photos…

eight treasure rice pudding
Eight Treasure Rice Cake Pudding recipe here

flower blossum squid
Flower Blossom Squid recipe here

chili bean paste tofu and fish
Chinese Taiwanese Chili Bean Paste Tofu and Fish recipe here

chili bean paste tofu and fish