In this post there is a compilation of photos taken over a couple days.  I really wanted to see the first act as it was a tribute to Marco Pantani, the great Italian cyclist who died from a cocaine overdose. The guys are trying to act as Lance Armstrong, Marco Pantani and Jan Ullrich, all awesome cyclists but they do the act with chairs. Please come back next year!

The other photos are general pictures of performers around the fringe. The juggling guy with the tattoos was quite funny but the black men were really cool. The first guy, as you can see, is incredibly limber and he wrapped himself up and sat in a bucket which his fellow performer carried on his head while doing a fish face. So cool!

There were a pair of Americans performing an act in front of Lothian Chambers and while I only wanted to take a picture of their outfits they involved a really cute child in their act so I hung around and took some extra photos.

There was also a band playing outstide St Giles but I the hippy act was really cool. I love the guy’s look with the dreadlocks and the tiger print scarf. Taking photos like these and with the weddings I shoot is making me want to re-evaluate the equipment I use. I currently use a Canon 1d mark 3 but I’m eager to start using full frame again with narrower DOF lenses. My current favourite lens I own is the 58mm f1.2 Rokkor but whether I stay with Nikon or Canon I want to get a 200mm f2.

Tour de France at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh

This man’s flexibility is shocking. Another act I wish I caught the name of and saw again but the last couple minutes or their act which I caught was really good

Cowboy act just outside Lothian Chambers. I generally don’t like American acts that much but their outfits were cool and the child they involved was really cute

Almost daily there are different bands performing on the mile

I really like this guy’s look, very photogenic. Would love to do some more portraits of people like him

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