September 01, 2010

Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2010 – Part One

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This year I wanted to really check out the Fringe Festival but sadly I’ve not had much time. I’ve either been doing photography work or I’ve been doing my IT job but with family commitments I just haven’t been into town that much. But I did manage to walk through about 4 or 5 times, so here is the first post.

I took these photos just before and after shooting a wedding at Lothian Chambers and although the Fringe hadn’t officially started at this point there were still a handful of performers on the Mile.

Juggler just outside of Lothian Chambers performing during the Fringe Festival

Juggler performing at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh

This kid was great. I love anything alternative and seeing this young chap playing violin on one leg (and he sounded good) is a good thing in my books

This guy has a fairly eery mask but he was on the Mile every day

The performers today below pretty cool. Juggling with chainsaws is always amusing and I remember a couple performers last year were very close, whether on purpose or not, to having an accident.

The first guy was really funny. His outfit is pure genius with pink shorts and fake padding (unless he’s a part-time performer / part-time porn star) but I really liked the silver Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin is easily one of the funniest and most ingenious performers of all time but the gentleman at the Fringe really had a great look.

I also believe the monks were from Nepal but they finished literally after taking the photo below and I moved on.

Hope you enjoy

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