September 11, 2010

Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2010 – Part Six

London Airbnb photographer

This is the last group of photos that I caught during the Fringe Festival. The first performer I saw was a lady from Australia who was spinning hula hoops on a box supported by pint glasses. She looked quite scared, especially as she said she fell off while doing this in London and thus couldn’t walk for two weeks.

Other performers include an American dressed like a criminal (really cool outfit), a Scottish card performer with a really cool waistcoat and one of my favourite looking acts which was a young singing group with, I’m guessing Zombies. I unfortunately didn’t catch the groups name as I was only planning to take photos for a couple minutes then go home and work but the makeup and their look was great.

At the bottom of this post are probably my two favourite performances from the Fringe. There was a juggling Australian called JP Koala who was really funny. He actually embarassed me a little bit when he saw my camera and started pulling poses for me but he was great. The last act was a chap who calls himself “I’m Gilli”.

I’m Gilli was brutally funny. The whole crowd were laughing out load and even though he barely uses English in his act, although afterwards he sounded fairly fluent in English, his act where he interacts with people who move is brilliant.

If he comes back next year I want to check his act out again.

Australian lady doing gymnastic moves and performing with Hula Hoops at the Fringe

Hula Hoops

Australian performer spinning Hula Hoops on a platform supported by pint glasses. Very cool

I’m absolutely hopeless at spinning one Hula Hoop but this lady can spin five or more while standing on one leg on top of a set of pint glasses. Very cool

I didn’t hang around for long but I liked the style of this card trickster

Card trickster with a cool waist jacket

This guy had quite a large crowd around him in a small area so I didn’t stay for long but his outfit was really cool

American performer once again wearing a really cool prisoner style outfit

This chap’s look is just great. I love the makeup and outfit and he stayed in character throughout. The group singing behind sounded good also. Really wish I could have gone to one of their shows

The makeup here is superb. This guy looked the part.

Juggling knives at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Hopefully not too sharp!

One of my favourite performers at the Fringe. Very funny

Battleaxe as used by JP Koala at Fringe Festival Edinburgh

Messing around with DOF for this Battleaxe photo

As part of JP Koala’s act he got a young boy to club a koala. Sounds bizarre but it was funny

JP Koala really embarassed me here but he was funny as hell

Sword juggling at Edinburgh Fringe Festival by JP Koala

Koala bear smoking at the Fringe just before being destroyed

This pose sums up JP Koala. Really funny. I wanted to see him a second time but didn’t have time, although if he comes back next year I’ll see his show again

This is so wrong but so funny. I’m Gilli blew up a balloon that looked like a cock then gave it to a child.

Where are you going? Fringe Festival Edinburgh

Someone was walking through the show on his phone and Gilli grabbed it and started talking on the phone. Really funny

I’m Gilli and check out my body, hilarious!

I just love this guy’s face. Awesome performer. Make sure you click on the image for a larger view

I’m not sure if this was part of the act but this this young guy ran across the show and Gilli grabbed him then taped him up. Absolutely hilarious

Gilli had taped the young guy up then literally grabbed someone else’s phone. Hilarious

Another “this is so wrong” image. Gilli ripped the tape off the kid with his teeth. Wrong but absolutely genius

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