Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2010 – Part Two

September 03, 2010

Today I have the second group of photos that I took at the Fringe. Everyday at the Fringe is completely different. Whether you taste is in magic, comedy, drama or really anything else, there is an act to suit. Here are some of my favourite photos from the day with matching descriptions.

If you want to see any photos full size just click on them but I hope you enjoy.

Cool outfit but this guy looks pretty tough for Spongebob

Trio of Chinese men dressed in Spongebob style outfits. I didn’t catch their comedy act but I’m suer it was interesting

I nearly missed this but how cool is it that performers will perform/promote their show by pretending to sleep on the mile. I really love Edinburgh

Lots of buttons on a promoter at the Fringe Festival

Everytime I visited the mile this guy was always there. Really cool outfit and although he has a slightly eery mask he looks great

I really miss playing guitar and always wanted a ukulele. This guy was great, a really good performer that engaged with the crowd

There are loads more photos like this on my blog but my main portfolio can also be found at:

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