August 11, 2009

Fringe Festival Part 1

fringe festival edinburgh

This year was the first year I experienced the Fringe Festival and I have to say it’s absolutely awesome. There are so many diverse acts that are so much fun. You get everything from magicians to dancers, to craft stalls, to anything really.  In the future I would really like to have my own stall selling my photography but for this year I just took photos over a number of days.

Each day I’ll try to give a description for the artist (if I can find out information about them) but in any case you should enjoy the photos. And of course, if you ever get the chance to come to Edinburgh to see the festival I can’t recommend it enough.

I didn’t catch the name of the above act but the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. This little girl really enjoyed her balloons.

These balancing acts are really amazing.

Balls Up! I just love this t-shirt and the mini bike the guy was riding on was really cute.

More photos like these can be found here at:

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