Fringe Festival Part 2

August 12, 2009
fringe festival edinburgh 2009

This post about the Fringe Festival had some really cool acts. First of all there was Clanadonia. Liv and I saw some videos on Youtube about Clanadonia and she really wanted to see them, especially as they had performed in her home country Taiwan before. So I was walking through the Fringe and saw Clanadonia finishing their act on the Mound. I really liked them, they sounded really great.

Other highlights were this crazy balancing act where the performer held himself horizontally from a balancing pole. Awesome! The other things I really liked were the two drunks. Sadly Scotland has a real drinking problem but these two drunks were really happy and just really funny to watch.

The final thing I liked to see was the brass band. I talked to one of the performers afterwards and if I remember correctly he’s a music teacher in London. Again I saw this group by chance as I was walking from the mile through Grassmarket to go to a kebab shop in Fountainbridge. The band were performing, sounded great so I took these photos.

Hope you enjoy this post.


How the hell do you balance like this?! This guy is literally hanging sideways on a pole, incredible!

Awesome costumes at the Fringe Festival.

Every single day of the year, bar maybe Christmas Day, there is at least one bagpipe player performing somewhere in Edinburgh.

Cowgate in Edinburgh has some really nice bars but as you look into Cowgate from South Side you can see this large painting.

I really enjoyed watching this brass band. This really sums up Edinburgh and especially the Fringe Festival. There’s always something going on and you can literally walk through a part of town and something really unique and cool like this can going on. Really love Edinburgh.

During the summer and especially during the Fringe Festival there are loads of these cycle taxis.

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