This is my last post of images for the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, for at least 2009. This was really the last day I visited the Fringe and I saw my absolute favourite act. The juggler at the top was really funny, he engaged with the crowd and even though the crowd was small, perhaps because of the time of day (it was mid week about 2 or 3pm, when most people are working) and was just great.

Another performer was Manx who came over from Australia to perform his act of swallowing swords and juggling battons on fire. Really great!

However my favourite act of the whole festival but one that I only caught about 10 minutes of was Zic Zazou who use everyday objects to play music. I’ve seen this kind of act perform, namely Weapons of Sound at a music festival a few years ago but I really liked Zic Zazou. Great fun!