Wee bit of a shameless plug today but on the 31st January one of my photos was featured on the Graham Norton Show.

I have to admit I don’t watch an awful lot of TV nowadays as my daughter dictates what we watch during the day and I tend to watch movies while working in the evenings but just a couple days before the Graham Norton Show aired on the 31st I was contacted by someone who works on the show asking if they could use one of my photos for their show.

Cool! A couple years ago I photographed a series of funny signs from an exhibition and one of the signs shows someone having an accident with a ski lift. Basically it looks like the ski lift is going up the skier’s bum and on the Graham Norton show they did a quip about the gay olympics. The sketch made me laugh and it was really awesome seeing one of my photos featured on the television.

Incidentally the show featured Matthew McConaughey, Julianne Moore, Alan Davies and Sheryl Crow and it actually made me miss watching normal tv. Anyway, below is a screenshot from the episode.

Graham Norton Gay Olympics