November 01, 2010

Granada Food

granada seafood platter

This post is dedicated entirely to the food that we ate in Granada. Of course we ate a lot more food than this and one of the highlights for us was eating Lorenzo’s food in his home (he is an Italian chef after all) but we ate loads of tasty jamon, drank lots of beer and ate lots of seafood.

Easily the best tapas we had was at Cerverceria la Boveda where we ate jamon, bacon and fish and the service was the best. We had a gorgeous fried platter of fish at El Enganche, churros at Cafe Futbol and gorgeous ice cream that tasted like the name at La Perla. I think the waiter slightly fancied Lorenzo but the waiter was really friendly and attentive.

Of course we had a lot more food than this but these are our highlights.

Eating tapas in Granada. Our favourite pastime.

Jamon bagel tapas Granada, Spain

Jamon bagel. We love bagels and we also love jamon. The beers were about 1.5 euros and the food as always free. Granada seems to sell just two or three kinds of beers in their bars but it’s a really good quality beer. Not too strong, not watered down at all, really good.

Jamon Taberna. This taberna had a range of tasty meats but we only had one round of tapas. I can’t remember the name of this street but we walked down a street which was full of just tapas bars. The first tapas bar had really good food but the service was really really bad. We ordered our food and the waiter spent the next 15 minutes chatting up a young lady on the street. So, we didn’t bother taking photos.

One of our favourite tapas bars was Tasca Ramon. Service was quick and the tapas was really good. We had the kebab below at a different place afterwards which overshadowed this tapas bar, but we liked it.

Beef Stew tapas Granada, Spain

Beef stew tapas. Loads of tapas restaurants serve beef stew (for cost reasons I’m guessing) but this was really tasty. Slightly small portion though.

Not the best photo but you can gather there are loads of different flavours. The revolution for us about Spanish ice cream is the flavours taste exactly as they should. So many ice cream shops in the UK sell ice cream that tastes really similar and often incorrect. I love vanilla but I’ve ordered vanilla ice cream loads of times here and it tastes like banana. I ordered a white chocolate ice cream here two days in a row which I loved while Liv had a roasted pine seed ice cream one day and caramel the next. You could really taste the pine nut and caramel.

La Perla ice cream. I’m sure other ice cream shops sell equally tasty ice cream but we really liked this one.

Cafe Futbol Churros, Granada, Spain

Churros at Cafe Futbol. This is the first time I’ve tried churros and I’ve since had it one more time. Churros is a soft dough stick lightly fried so it’s a little bit crispy but not overly so. This churros was if anything a little salty but proper churros comes with a cup of hot chocolate, as can be seen above. The chocolate was absolutely sensational. I usually find dark chocolate too sickly but this was thick but not too thick and equally perfectly sweet. This again was about 3 euros but was the perfect evening snack after the tapas.

Cafe Futbol. Quite a pretty cafe in central Granada but they sell gorgeous deserts.

Jamon and cheese sandwich. This taberna was selling beers for about 1.25 euros but we got this really yummy jamon and cheese sandwich for free with the food. Really yummy.

Kebab in Granada, Spain

The best kebab I’ve ever had. This was a proper kebab with layers of meat stacked and cooked. I love kebabs but the problem with 99% of the kebabs in the UK is they use the same kind of processed meat on a stick. I’m guessing this kebab was as it is because of the Moorish influence in Granada but the bread was soft and the lamb meat inside was absolutely gorgeous but amazingly it was just 3euros. Next time we go to Granada I’m going to have two of these every day!

Mariscal Deli Meat Platter, Granada, Spain

We ate the platter above at a Deli called Mariscal in Granada for breakfast. We walked past here with our friend Lorenzo the one day but the next day just Liv and I came back and thankfully for us the bar man spoke English, so we ordered a meat platter with two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice. The orange juice came with sugar (Spanish people seem to like sweet food) but the meat platter was sublime. From top to bottom we had; Jamon, Spanish black pudding, Chorizo, Morcellr, Pork Terrine, Salami and Salchichon. I will say I wasn’t keep on the Salchichon but everything else and especially the terine, were stunning.

Mariscal butcher in Granada, Spain. Check out the stacked chickens. The meat and poultry was considerably cheaper than what we pay in the UK and it looked beautiful.

Jamon Mariscal Deli, Granada, Spain

CJamon Mariscal Delicatessen. We were thinking about buying a jamon leg and bringing it back to the UK but there would be no point as it would only last a few days in my household. I love that each country we go to has it’s own special kind of ham. Spain has Jamon which is rich and colour and has a strong taste. Italy has parma which is simply awesome, I really love parma and Taiwan has new year pork. Taiwanese new year pork smells a bit strange but it is OMG tasty. By far and away the rtastiest of the three. Next time we go to Taiwan I will take a picture of the shop that sells new year pork but as a note they only open for Chinese New Year each year and don’t need to work the rest of the year. That’s how good it is.

Beef stew tapas. This was another really tasty tapas that we had in Granada.

This was at our favourite tapas bar in Granada called Cerveceria la Boveda. Service was fast, really friendly. The tapas was dirt cheap as always and most importantly the food was absolutely gorgeous. This was fried fish as you can see from the tail at the bottom and the odd eye. Normally I hate eating eyes and things but it’s fried so who cares. All I care about was that it was really tasty.

Bacon and crisp platter. We ate this at Cerveceria la Boveda and it was gorgeous. I think each of us paid 1.50 euro for our beers and the food comes free.

Seafood platter, El Enganche, Granada, Spain

The previous night we walked back to Lorenzo’s home and walked down this street with loads of restaurants and tasty smelling food. I absolutely love seafood and really wanted to try some of the local produce and so Liv and I saw the menu at El Enganche and stopped for lunch. We ordered a seafood platter which cost about 20 euros but had all kinds of beautiful fish and for the first time which I’ve tried it, baby squid (which was gorgeous!). We also ordered two rounds of cokes and of course we forgot everywhere serves tapas so we got extra plates of foods.

Above is the chorizo tapas we got with our seafood platter. This taberna and Finlays Butchers in Portobello Edinburgh have the two tastiest chorizo’s sausages I’ve ever had.

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