October 24, 2010

Granada part one

spice market granada

Liv and I spent three days in total in Granada and we absolutely fell in love with the city. The weather is stunning, the people generally really nice, the architecture is stunning and the food is divine. Throughout this post are various photos I took around Granada each with their own comment.

I took the above from the El Enganche where we had the seafood platter. I really liked this street. It had a beautiful blue building at the end and a lot of tasty restaurants.

The above was taken with our G11 and it’s one of my favourite photos from the trip. The photo itself is fairly noisy but it’s neutral in colour and fairly dynamic.

The above few photos are of “Basilica De Ntra Sra De Las Angustia”. It’s a really beautiful church and one that I hoped to go back to to do a 360 degree panorama but it never seemed to be open when we went back. Granada is deeply religious and they have a really long siesta every day but the roof and ornaments in this church were absolutely stunning. Definitely worth a visit if you go to Granada.

Outside Granada Cathedral (not Basilica De Ntra Sra De Las Angustia) you can buy loads of spices, medicines and teas. They smell absolutely beautiful and are really cheap. Great for the local tea/medicine/spice aficionados.

The above there pictures are of Granada Cathedral. It’s an absolutely stunning looking building and we would have gone in if they allowed photography.

Typical Spanish bar. I really like old fashioned bars and this one had a really old feel to it. The beer was tasty here and the tapas sumptuous.

I included the above two photos as we were recommended by a promoter to eat here. I believe it was called World Fusion something but we had this tapas. It wasn’t the best but I liked the presentation and the restaurant decorations. Every table had something different in it, whether it be stamps, coins, stones etc.

This was the first part of the walk up Albaicin. This was taken in the middle of the day and as you can see life is very relaxed.

Attractive door but shame about the graffiti. Granada has an awful lot of grafitti and even though some of it is really beautiful this isn’t a good example. Shame.

View from the walk up to Albaicin of Granada. I did three shots from the same viewpoint but with different focus points and DOF.

The front door to this property is really beautiful. If I ever buy a house in Granada (who knows) I’ll want to live on Albaicin. It’s very close to the tapas bars, there’s a really superb market where you can buy gorgeous fresh local produce and it has beautiful views of the city.

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