Albaicin and El Baneulo Granada


Following on from my previous post, here are more photos of Granada. Everything apart from the Moorish baths was taken on Albaicin so I won’t put that many descriptions in here but I’m really just sharing photos. Hope you enjoy.

Lorenzo, being an Italian, loves posing so often when I pointed my camera he would jump in front of the lens

Lorenzo was asking about “camera blur” so I did this photo as a demonstration. I quite like it but as a note this was shot at f2.8 with a 70-200mm lens.

Lorenzo took this photo (although I edited). Granada is full of trees like this. Very scenic.

We waked down the hill from Albaicin twice and both times we came across this dog and his friend. A lot of people in Granada have dogs but this one barked at absolutely everything that went past. Really cute dog.

Up this path was someone’s gorgeous looking garden. This was taken literally half way between Albaicin and Alhambra. Stunning part of the country.

Liv with her G11. Liv has been using my camera for some time but my camera is far too large and heavy for her and I’m also sick of carrying my camera with lenses and laptop everywhere. So a lot  of the time in Spain we used her Canon G11. We owned a Panasonic Lumix before which was absolutely useless at anything other than ISO 100 but this camera is clean to 400 and still usable at 800 but the picture quality is really good. The vast majority of pictures in this blog are with my 1d mark 3 but see if you can spot the difference.

Flower pots. As well as pets people love their plants. Most balconies/windowsills have flower pots.

Looking back up at Albaicin. You can’t see Albaicin but this is at the opposite end of the street from where the Albaicin to Alhambra handheld pano was taken.

Liv and Lorenzo. I really like this shop. Liv is Taiwanese and Lorenzo is Italian but they have a bit of a brother/sister look about them.

Pillar inside the Moorish baths.

Liv relaxing. We’d been walking all day so we needed a sit down somewhere cool and the baths were very cool compared to outside. Pictured with her new camera.

Bit of a cliche shot but Liv taking a photo of me taking a photo of her.

Moorish baths. I don’t really shoot wide angle that often but just wanted to capture the rays coming through. In hindsight I wish I had a wider angle lens but it’s hard to justify the cost for what I do 95% of the time. I could have used the fisheye and probably should have but c’est la vie.

Another shot of rays of light coming through the roof in Granada baths.

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