On this day Liv and I had a wander around the centre of Madrid to check out the sights and sounds. We saw two different harp players which was a really pleasant surprise but I particularly liked the style and sound of the first player. A real surprise was seeing a military tattoo taking place outstanding the palace. I’ve seen the tattoo in Edinburgh which was absolutely awesome and while this tattoo wasn’t as impressive it was still a really nice surprise.

We saw the church roof above while we were watching the tattoo and it looked really beautiful. We wanted to walk there afterwards to have a look but we ended up walking about a mile in the wrong direction. When I go to a new city for the first time my sense of direction is useless. Liv isn’t much better but after I’ve been somewhere I’ll never forget. Sadly we didn’t make it but we did see the Templo de Debod. We were both really hungry when we saw the Templo so we took a quick snapshot intending to go back when it was dark but sadly we didn’t have time.

Madrid Cathedral and Madrid Palace. The cathedral is a stunning looking building from the outside but time didn’t allow us to go back.

The buildings above have the most beautiful ornate detailing.

All of the main streets in central Madrid have street signs like this but I included this one as it was close to Mercado de San Miguel which was a little difficult to find from the palace.