July 19, 2007

Great Mosque of Xi’an

Xi'an Great Mosque

Great Mosque of Xi’an. Xi’an along with Shanghai were my two favourite cities in China. Shanghai in many parts is incredibly modern but Xi’an is by and large a very old looking city. When I travelled to China I really wanted to see a lot of the really old beautiful Chinese architecture so Xi’an was a real delight.

One of the highlights of Xi’an, along with the awesome food, was the Great Mosque which is the oldest standing mosque in China. The mosque which is affiliated to Islam was founded in 742 during the Tang Dynasty. The mosque covers an area of 12,000 metres and is still used as a place of worship for many Chinese muslims. For this reason we had quite a funny moment when we tried to go in. It was 40 plus degrees celsius when we were in Xi’an so of course we didn’t want to wear a lot of clothes but being a place of worship Liv at least was asked to wear a headscarf to at least get in. Neither of us are religious at all and it was roasting hot so it was quite funny for us.

Other than that the Great Mosque of Xi’an was really beautiful. All of the architecture was distinctly Chinese, it was old and was a real visual and cultural joy for me. Here are some photos that I took…

Xian Great Mosque Beams

Xian Great Mosque Well

Xian Muslim Temple

Xian Great Mosque Rooftop

Xian Great Mosque

Xian Great Mosque Walkway

Xian Great Mosque Building

Xian Great Mosque Garden

Xian Great Mosque Path

Xian Bicycle

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