January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

happy new year


So of course Christmas has just passed. Last Christmas I worked on Christmas Day, which really sucked, and I’m not normally a Christmas kind of person (in fact I hate xmas) but this year we went down to see my mother. For the last couple of months, since my wedding season wound down, I’ve been working a part time job but I managed to wrangle some time off and went down to Yorkshire and spent several days binging on really delicious food, sleeping, walking her dog, etc. For once I actually enjoyed xmas.



New Year was absolutely brilliant. We spent New Years Eve with our good friend Lorenzo, who was stopping over in Edinburgh for a few days. The day after he arrived we took him to our favourite Japanese restaurant Kanpai, which was as delicious as always, then on New Years Eve he invited us to the flat he was temporarily staying in and cooked us a delicious dinner. Thanks Lorenzo!

Then on New Years Day we intended to check out the Loony Dook which sadly we arrived for too late. The Loony Dook is an annual swim in the Firth of Forth and is full of really colourful characters. Next year I’ll definitely get there early and take loads of photos.

After the Loony Dook we went to Cramond Island. Lorenzo was the only one out of the four of us that has been there before but it’s really worth visiting. For those who don’t know the premise is you wait for the tide to go down then you walk across to an island which is about half a mile from the seaside. The views are beautiful but there’s also so much history here. The stones for example that you can see in the two photos were erected to stop the enemy entering too far into the Firth during the World Wars.

There’s a mixture of photos here including Lorenzo and his partner, Liv and I and also some Loony Dook participants.

Liv and I.





More weddings and a baby. We’re absolutely delighted, excited and scared about our first baby due in March and we simply can’t wait to be parents. I can’t wait to start doing baby photography as well 😀

Weddings. 2012 is indicating that it will be a much busier year than 2011 which is awesome. Once the wedding season kicks in I’m looking forward to going back to photography full time and I have some really interesting and new venues booked for the coming year. I’ve also had to turn down some weddings, which absolutely breaks my heart, but that’s just how business goes sometimes.

Wedding albums. So far in my short wedding career I have been supplying albums from Graphistudio but it’s time for a change and I’m looking at using albums by Finao. Finao’s albums are more expensive than Graphistudio but the quality and number of options available are simply mind blowing. Want a leather album with a furry binder? No problem! Want a glass cover / fabric cover / etc, no problem. Awesome!

Other photography. There are three or four things I’m looking to do more of in 2012. The first is interior/virtual tour photography. If you’ve come across my other website: http://www.panoramic-photographer.com you will have seen that I very occasionally shoot virtual tours. I don’t really advertise for this nor have I really had time to sort out my SEO for this site but this is something I’m looking at doing more of. Food photography, as you’ll be aware I’m married to a chef and we’ve been on and off working on a cook book for the last 18 months. Well, we finally intend to get this finished but only after Liv has given birth. Event photography. I absolutely love shooting events but again it’s something I haven’t really had the time to work on. This will hopefully change in 2012.

University. I’m toying with the idea of going back to University or studying with the Open University. One of our major plans for the future is to live and work in Taiwan for at least a short period of time but I absolutely need a suitable degree. I have a degree in photography but it won’t help much with trying to find a job in Taiwan.

Holidays. This is very important for us. We’re planning to take our baby back to Taiwan to show her off to Liv’s family but we’re also planning short breaks in Thailand and Japan. We absolutely need our holidays and I haven’t been to either of the latter countries (Liv has), so I’m super excited. We’re also planning to head off to Germany at least once this year. I really want to check out the Oktoberfest but Lorenzo has now moved to Bamburg which looks insanely beautiful from the photos we’ve seen.

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