2014 was a funny year for my photography work. I photographed more weddings in 2014 than the previous year and it was in actual fact the second best year I’ve had to date but I’ve seen other aspects of my photography business change dramatically. Along with weddings, for the last couple of years I’ve been doing a lot of car photography. This involves me turning up at various car dealerships and franchises throughout the area, photographing their stock and doing the occasional corporate portrait and site shots. This has also led onto other things like the Sky Ride I photographed earlier in 2014.

However in the last few months of 2014 the car photography business has changed. People are looking to save money so they are doing the photography themselves while other franchises (namely Volkswagen) are a true nightmare to work with and expect people to work at their exact beck and call which for my kind of work is impossible.

So about the same time the car photography work started to reduce I picked a job working for a huge international travel website photographing hotels throughout Scotland. I’m not going to name the company but my remit is to basically go around photographing hotels but not with tripods, lights etc. My job is to capture what’s there so this makes my job an awful lot quicker. I started doing this work early October and have so far photographed around 25 hotels and I’ve got another 35 plus hotels lined up to photograph.

Initially the work was Edinburgh based but there’s now a lot of travelling involved which is awesome. I love travelling and my expenses are fully paid so while my travelling has been so far limited to mostly Glasgow, in 2015 I’ll be travelling all over Scotland to places like Perthshire, Oban, Glencoe and further.

So here are a sample of photos that I’ve taken so far. Fortunately with the cameras I use nowadays the files even at high ISO’s are pretty damn clean so straight away the files look good (obviously would be better with tripods, mirror lockup etc but again that’s not what this job is about). You’ll see that the hotels I’ve visited so far are very diverse, they all look completely different, and I really have photographed everything from tiny three or four bedroom bed & breakfasts to 5 star hotels with full leisure facilities and in between.

So far loving this work and some of the hotels I’ve visited include the Grand Central Hotel Glasgow (incredible building), Steak, Le Monde (awesome rooms), Inn on the Mile, The Chester Residence, Fonab Castle Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel Glasgow and about another three dozen hotels and as many bed and breakfasts.

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