Just as the title says, I bought a kitchen, but with a twist! I don’t normally share things about my daughter but now she’s almost 2.5 years old we’re constantly looking for new ways to keep her amused. One of her favourite things is trying to copy her mum in the kitchen so Liv will often be cooking and Millie will somehow try to copy her with her toys.

I looked at children’s kitchens a few months ago but decided Amelia was too young but recently decided she old enough so bought one. I really like wooden children’s products much more than plastic ones and we regularly shop at Costco (through my business) where we can get awesome discounts on food, toys, house products etc etc. So thanks to Costco we found this Kidcraft Deluxe Kitchen, paid an exceptionally low price, had it delivered and after 3 hours of building it was ready.

We also bought several sets of Melissa and Doug cooking products. These were a Melissa and Doug cutting food box, a Melissa and Doug pizza party set and a Melissa and Doug sushi slicing set.

So what does Amelia think of it? She LOVES it! We built it late at night so she could wake up and play with it and normally she wakes up, has a bottle of milk, watches a little bit of Peppa Pig then starts playing. This time she ignored peppa pig, wouldn’t touch her milk and instantly started pretend cooking vegetables, chopped her vegetables and did this for a few hours.

In fact she did this for a few days and even though Amelia isn’t a sleep during the day child you’ll see from the last two photos after a big tub of mixed berries and a few mornings of playing with her kitchen she absolutely passed out.

Toys nowadays are absolutely amazing compared to even when I was a child and this is really amazing. Another note was building it. It took me 3 hours to build it but the instructions were super clear. All the parts had numbers on them and all the fixings were sealed individually. At least as good if not better than anything I’ve bought from Ikea in the past.

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