On the 2nd of June I photographed a wedding for Clare and Ben who came up to Edinburgh from Liverpool. I had some communication with Clare and Ben before their wedding but met them the night before their wedding to have a chat about what they wanted and also to get to know each other.

We had an interesting moment when they asked my partner and I to be witnesses. We’re perfectly happy to act as witnesses and have done so on many occasions but we do need plenty of notice. Unfortunately Liv couldn’t act as a witness as she had to work so I asked my good friend Adam (www.adamvarga.net) to act as a witness as well as giving him an opportunity to assist and take some photos. Adam takes really fantastic candid portraits and his industrial photography is really superb so do be sure to check out his work.

So on the day of the wedding Clare wore a beautiful short white wedding dress with a really nice hair piece. Ben wore a handsome suit and on the day the weather was really gorgeous. Clare and Ben chose the Edinburgh Suite at Lothian Chambers for their venue (wise choice!) and after the wedding we took photos inside Lothian Chanders then had a walk up and down the Royal Mile. We then headed off to Grassmarket and then walked down to Princes Street Gardens and took some pictures around Ross Fountain. Amazingly the weather was actually too nice so I had to result to bracketing on some photos and Adam had to use filters.

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