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by | Jan 30, 2017 | Property Photography

Made Unboxed Property Photography Newcastle. We might only be a couple weeks into 2017 but I’m already super busy with various photoshoots and one of these photoshoots brought me down towards Newcastle again, this time to Morpeth.

At the end of 2016 I travelled down to David’s home in Newcastle for another Made Unboxed shoot and it was a great experience. David was really awesome to work with and his property was as easy to photograph as it was photogenic. It was a joy!

This time I went to Kerry’s home in Morpeth and it was a completely different kind of property with a completely different theme. From what I can gather from each shoot, and for each shoot I’m literally just asked if I can visit, Made pick out the properties they would like photographing based on a theme. David’s home was light and bright, Kerry’s was purposely dark but it was really beautiful.

Morpeth itself is about 15-20 miles of Newcastle and unlike the last time I visited the Newcastle area I went on my own this time. It took just two hours to get there and the drive there down the A1 was really quick. There was some traffic along the way but that’s the joys of having a fast car.

The property itself. There were parts of the property that had yet to be decorated but all the parts Kerry had designed/painted/decorated were absolutely gorgeous. You may have guessed but Kerry is an interior stylist and her website can be found here My favourite feature by far was the workman’s bench centre console in the kitchen. Kerry like most stylists/designer is a real collector of items and she said she found the bench on ebay, brought it in, sanded it, coated it and put caster wheels on the legs. Awesome, looks really awesome. I’d love to have a bench like that for our food photography.

Kerry’s property was reasonably challenging to photograph as it was quite dark inside but she wanted to keep to her dark theme so I kept the photos darker than I would perhaps edit them. So here are some of my favourite photos from this shoot and I look forward to the next property shoot wherever that comes from.

Made Unboxed Property Photography

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