Madrid part two

mercado de san miguel jamon

On our final two days in Madrid we checked our Mercado de San Miguel which we had seen on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show. We also saw some street performers, had a walk around Plaza Major, ate a gorgeous steak in the back of a butchers and took photos out of the plane window.

I couldn’t really take any arty photos of Mercado de San Miguel as it was simply too busy and we had a really sunny day so there’s some flare in the picture but this gives you an idea of what it looks like. Mercado de San Miguel was a lot smaller than we expected but as you’ll see below it has some gorgeous gorgeous foods.

Straight away as you walk inside Mercado de San Miguel you’ll see this giant ice cream. If it was real I’d have a go at eating it.

A young boy buying some kind of Spanish hot dog.

Gorgeous looking cakes. These cakes looked really expensive but were reasonably priced. This shows you the quality of the products available at the market.

Mercado de San Miguel was absolutely packed out and this was a Monday morning. I daren’t think how busy it is at the weekends (if it’s open!).

The produce looks beautiful. This isn’t the greatest photo ever but you can see the tomatoes stuffed with goats cheese. The tomatoes are that colour.

Salad on a stick. Not the kind of thing I would eat but quite pretty.

Jamon! Jamon! Jamon! We tried Jamon at a few venues and absolutely love it. So so tasty.

The above was a real surprise. Most markets here sell normal clothes and normal food but Mercado de San Miguel really has a fine dining feel to it. The toasts on the right have a king prawn and an egg and cost about 5 euros (a bit expensive but worth trying) but the soup was 10 euros. The soup had langoustines, king prawns and chick peas. I really liked the toasts but the soup was sublime. We also had two really cold beers. A gorgeous breakfast.

Two more photos of cakes. Again really pretty and while we didn’t try one I’m sure they’re really tasty.

The main building in Plaza Major has the most beautiful paintings on it’s walls. I wish more buildings looked like this.

Plaza Major is surrounded by restaurants and this one sold really tasty looking paella. Plaza Major is a stone’s throw from Mercado de San Miguel so we didn’t stop for food.

We saw a few artists/performers in Plaza Major. Someone was dropped up like Spongebob Squarepants and I’m sure I saw Mickey Mouse. This gentleman was painting and drawing portraits of people. His work ranged from realistic to the kind of picture Liv and I had drawn of ourselves together in China.

Artist’s tools.

Another one of the pretty street signs. As mentioned before every street has a street sign like this.

The guy above was hilarious. He would wait for a crowd of people to walk past then shout “boo” or something similar at them but the heads would go really crazy. He genuinely made people jump.

I’ve never seen the Queen’s Guards pose like this and how does a fitness class relate to a language centre. Bizarre!

Ever since I flew back from China and saw the most beautiful countryside I’ve been wanting to take pictures out of plane windows. While not as beautiful as what I saw in East Europe I will quite like these.

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  1. juan pablo

    great pics, beautiful place! was there in july
    saludos from venezuela

    • admin

      Hi Juan Pablo, thanks for your comment. Madrid was a really interesting city to visit