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No 1 The Grange Review. If I’m not shooting a wedding or photographing another job on a Saturday, I will always go to No 1 The Grange for lunch. Saturday morning first thing (9.30am) Amelia plays football in the Meadows with her friends from school and then 12.45 she has her ballet class. Both things we walk to and they’re a decent enough walk so once she’s in ballet and to help us relax from our busy weeks we go to the pub.

No 1 The Grange sits almost opposite Amelia’s ballet school and while we tried another pub in the area which was more like an old mans pub, No 1 The Grange is modern with lovely beers and really great food and when I say great food I really mean GREAT food. Liv is the more fining out of the two of us but their menu and especially their specials menu includes things like rabbit and other games. We’ve only been there for breakfast so far and I’ve attached a couple photos of their current menu.

Until last weekend we’d only ever gone their for half a pint of Vedette (nice!) and a bowl of rosemary and sea salt chips but last Saturday I photographed a really great wedding at Lothian Chambers, Spoon and St Leonards Hall so we thought sod it and decided to have a big lunch (or in our case) breakfast out. No 1 The Grange serves breakfast until 3pm and we saw people eating breakfast there the week before so I went with a full Scottish breakfast and Liv had a dish with salmon, eggs, crumpets and spinach which was absolutely delicious.

One of our favourite things about No 1 The Grange is it’s both child and animal friendly (what’s the difference?!) so Amelia had bangers and mash and a strawberry milkshake in a milk bottle (tasted great). I had two glasses of coke and Liv had two half pints of Vedette (I didn’t because I was working). We also ordered a bowl of chips and the total came out at £33 which I thought was excellent.

Amelia came be quite difficult with food outside at times but she said she loved her bangers and mash. You can’t get better praise than a five year old saying he or she loves your food and we love No 1 The Grange. The food is great and we will go back for dinner soon.

no 1 the grange
no 1 the grange
no 1 the grange
no 1 the grange

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