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I really enjoy visiting Yorkshire. The people are generally friendly, especially so in the North, and it has great scenery. In this post I saw a funny Rabits at Work sign in Wharram Percy, we went to Flamborough Head which has a really photogenic windmill and lighthouse. We also visited the Yorkhire Moors not far from Goathland where we saw fields of heather and we finally visited Staithes where I took a couple photos with a Hasselblad.

Rabbits at Work Yorkshire

Rabbits at work. This sign cracks me up. I was walking through the wolds with my mother’s dog and I saw this sign. Completely random but Yorkshire people have their own sense of humour.

Yorkshire scarecrow

Scarecrow. I can’t remember which town this was in but we visited some castle ruins and saw this completely un-scary scarecrow in the middle of a field. Really touristy shot I know! but I do like it.

Flamborough Head Windmill

Flamborough Head Windmill. This was previously a windmill but appears to now be a tourist site.

Flamborough Head Lighthouse

Flamborough Head lighthouse. This was shot with a Hasselblad once again on Velvia 50 and with a circular polariser. The deepness of the sky is absolutely stunning with this lens, film and filter combination.

Staithes Boats Haselblad

Staithes when the tide is out. I’ve only been to Staithes once for a very quick walk around but I saw these boats that had been moared when the tide went out. Again shot with the Hasselblad I maybe should have used a ND filter on the sky but I love the square format composition. Another places I will go back to one day to reshoot.

Staithes Rooftops

Staithes rooftops. Again badly needs an ND but it was one of those white sky days and I haven’t had the opportunity to go back.

Yorkshire Moors

Yorkshire Moors. This was taken about half way between Malton and Whitby. In hindsight I wish I took a panoramic but I love the colour contrast between the sky and ground.

Yorkshire Sheep

Fisheye sheep. Liv and I went to an old abbey which wasn’t really worth talking about but we stopped for a picnic and saw this sheep who was baying us for food.

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