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I’m a professional Airbnb, property, commercial and wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Ten years ago I started out as a wedding photographer but as time progressed I’ve also done a lot of property photography, car photography and food photography as well as capturing many events, photographing two cook books and all kinds of other things.

I work as a full time professional photographer and surprisingly to many my day to day job is photographing cars for companies like Land Rover and Jaguar. I was headhunted for this in 2012 and it’s a job that’s changed a lot but I love it because I get to drive most of the cars I photograph. I’ve also worked for companies like Tripadvisor, where I photographed and reviewed hotels all around Scotland, and Deliveroo, from which I photographed restaurants and their food. All of these jobs have lead to exciting opportunities both past, present and future and I really love my job.

Edinburgh is also a really amazing city to work and live in. I love capturing weddings and Edinburgh is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world for wedding photography.  Amongst the wedding photography Edinburgh venues I have worked in are Lothian Chambers, Dalhousie Castle, The Rowantree and the Caves, the Glasshouse Hotel, the G&V Hotel, Scotsman Hotel, Prestonfield, Edinburgh Castle and many more. You can find out more about my wedding photographer Edinburgh services here as well as my wedding photography packages.

There’s a lot of information throughout this website and it’s all very easy to find. Whether you’re enquiring about a wedding, need an event photographing or even have a property for which you need stills or virtual tours (or both) then there’s a section for this. There is also information about prices, wedding packages and lots of articles about weddings and other things I have photographed.

Finally at the bottom of this page you’ll see links for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I tend not to update Twitter too often but do check out my Facebook and Instagram pages, I post all kinds of things including promotions, funny videos, inspirational things and all sorts. Hope you enjoy your time on this website and do get in contact if you have any questions. So welcome to my website - Chris Radley Photography - Wedding and Commercial Photographer Edinburgh.

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Airbnb photography. So far this month I've photographed 16 airbnb properties, with another 5 or so to go, and I've seen a real variety of properties including the last property I blogged about here in Strathmiglo, which was a really beautiful Victorian era property....

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Northumberland Street New Town Property Photography. This month I've been really busy photographing airbnb properties throughout Edinburgh. I've visited a real range of properties, from tiny one bedrooms to really lovely 2 to 3 bedroom flats to this really incredible...

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Something really special today. Edinburgh is full of really beautiful historic buildings. We have some building’s who’s foundations are from the 12th century and many houses which are nearly 200 hundred years old and have been relatively untouched.

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