Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of my very favourite types of photography. Whether it be an in studio shoot with multiple lights, backdrops, props and so forth or a location shoot with or without multiple lighting setups there is something to suit everyone.

Studio Photography

Studio portrait photography is technically the most challenging kind of portrait photography I do but also one of the most fun. Through lots of test shots with multiple lights you can get some simply amazing results. The two images to the right employed three studio lights with different attachments

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography involves going on location and using various lights to capture what the client wants. To date I’ve only been asked to do website/portfolio headshots but regardless these were really great to work on.

Location Photography

My favourite kind of portrait photography and very similar to shooting weddings. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city, especially in the summer months, that a lot of couples come to Edinburgh just to have their portraits taken. Whether it be a graduation shoot (as shown below), a couple coming to Edinburgh or whatever I really love doing these kind of shoots.

What a portrait shoot includes

Scheduling call to arrange a date and location(s) for the shoot

Photoshoots depending on locations and complexity can take up to two to three hours but this will be discussed beforehand and prices agreed

The pictures can be supplied either on a DVD in full resolution or via Dropbox/Google Drive to suit

You can use the images completely free for private use (incl. Social Media; Facebook, Twitter etc)

In the case of personal portraits, a link for a free online web gallery will be supplied for sharing your photos

Ten complimentary prints (if required) up to size 10 x 8 inches

You are free to arrange printing and enlarging photos yourself but if you are struggling I’m happy to help you out

2 + 6 =

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Click on the images below to see some of the properties I have photographed

Hermitage Edinburgh Family Photography

Hermitage Edinburgh Family Photography

Hermitage Edinburgh Family Photography. The hermitage is one of my favourite parts of Edinburgh. Edinburgh itself often feels like a country town instead of a city and this comes across in many areas which are very much more countryside than a city. Dean Village is a...

Corporate Portraits

Corporate Portraits

  Balmoral asset management Almost exactly a year ago I took some corporate portraits for Balmoral Asset Management. They were in need of updating their staff profiles on their website and asked if I could pop in and spend a good part of the day taking headshots,...

Corporate Portraits Edinburgh

Corporate Portraits Edinburgh

Corporate Portraits Edinburgh. I had a really busy autumn with weddings in which at one point I photographed five weddings in just two weeks but now the wedding side of things has died down a little bit I'm now super busy with my other photography work. This includes...

Made Unboxed

Made Unboxed

A few months ago I was contacted by someone at Made.com to see if I would be interested in doing one of their Made Unboxed projects. Made, if you’ve never heard of them, are a London based company that make furniture. Made appear to be

Senior Graduation Photos Edinburgh

Senior Graduation Photos Edinburgh

One of my favourite things about working as a photographer, but also one of the most stressful, is you’ll have little or no work for a couple weeks then suddenly you’ll book several weddings and also get booked for a