April 27, 2011

Prestonfield House Hotel Wedding

prestonfield house wedding

On the 12th of April I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for Gillian and Dominic at Prestonfield Hotel in Edinburgh. Gillian and Dominic are originally from the UK but live in Australia and came all the way back to have their wedding here.

This was my first time shooting at Prestonfield Hotel and this is easily one of the nicest venues I have photographed at, even nicer than Aldourie Castle. Gill and Dominic were also really nice to work with. Sadly because of time I only met the couple for the first time the day before their wedding but we had a good chat and took the first photo below which, even though I had massive jet lag at the time I took it, turned out really well.

As mentioned Prestonfield Hotel is really gorgeous. They have highland cattle in the grounds and a number of really large peacocks running around. As a note the gentleman who owns Prestonfield also owns the Witchery by the Castle and the Tower restaurant, all of which are really high quality beautiful venues (especially the Witchery!).

The above is actually a panoramic stitch. I tend to stay away from really wide angle lenses but we had quite a limited space to shoot the dress so I took a couple photos and stitched them. Really happy with the above shot.

Gillian has the most beautiful eyes and made her head piece herself.

I can’t recommend enough to brides to hire a makeup and hair stylist. Most women can do their own makeup and hair really well but having a professional makes a big difference.

This is Gill’s mother. She was a bit worried about her makeup so I took a photo and she looks beautiful.

The room where Gill and Dominic got married, while beautiful, was extremely small and the floors creaked so I couldn’t really move around but nonetheless they both looked really good.

The registrar brought along her really beautiful dog so we did the obligitory walking the dog shots. I really like them, they were good fun.

I really loved the bouquet. Quite simple but really beautiful.

The above few walking shots were something quite different for us. The grounds at Prestonfield having two highland cattle and Gill and Dominic wanted to have their photo taken by them. Sadly the cattle were some distance away but we did these beautiful walking shots.

Again this wedding was a real pleasure. Prestonfield hotel is really beautiful and Gill and Dominic were a real pleasure to work with. More photos like these can be seen on my main portfolio website: https://www.chrisradleyphotography.com

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