We really wanted to do three things in Bali, the first and really the main thing was to have a rest. Liv and I work stupid hours and we’re both really really tired, so we wanted to sleep, eat and just have a total rest. We also wanted to explore some temples and villages as well as go on an elephant safari. The other thing was for Liv to have a spa.

We sadly didn’t have time to go on the elephant safari but we went to see several temples. The first one was in a town called Gelgel. I’m always interested in checking out new towns and while the people were friendly it wasn’t the best of places. We then went to Besakih (also known as Mother Temple). Besakih was really interesting but I have written about Besakih here

The final place we went to was a temple called Pura Kehen. This temple was monumentally beautiful and is what I imaged the real Bali to be. It was very quiet, very beautiful and just really awesome.

In terms of cost, Pura Kehen cost less than £1 each to get in, Gelgel was free, Besakih cost about £3 each but the guide was about £12. Simply because of the guide and their attitude towards making money from tourists I wouldn’t recommend going to Besakih. Our driver for the day, who we hired for 10 hours, cost us about £25, not bad!

The above image is closest to what Pura Kehen looked like while the image below has more processing to make it look more interesting.

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