Rastro flea market, Madrid

el rastro madrid

I really love flea markets and one of three main things we wanted to check out in Madrid was the Rastro flea market which runs down Ribera de Curtidores street. Apparently the market has up to 3500 stalls and while we didn’t count it took us two hours to walk through the whole market and we kept moving.

The rastro was really great. You can buy anything from hats and purses, to paintings and crafts, to samurai swords, gas masks and much much more. Another great thing was on either side of Ribera de Curtidores were many antique shops.

Rastro flea market performer

This guy was really nice. We just had our breakfast in a cafe next to where this guy was sat and he doffed his hat and waved Liv over to have her photo taken with him.

Rastro flea market key chains

Loads of stalls sold things like these. I think they were broche but loads of stalls sold broches and key chains which looked very similar.

Rastro flea market keychains

I’ve seen this on TV before but never in person. This guy was trying to sell his CD but he sounded really good. Great fun.

Marihuana store. They were selling leather jackets and other rock/emo clothing but the name of the store was really cool.

If we go back to Madrid one day I want to buy some of these masks and helmets. I don’t in any way support wars but I like looking at war memorabilia.

This is one of two shots that tries to show the size of the Rastro market. Doesn’t quite work as hoped but you can see people go as far in the distance as you can see. This was about half way down the road where the market takes place.

Didn’t really have any interest in this store itself but I like the signs above the windows and their shutters. Very European.

Panorama of Rastro flea market. This was shot handheld so it’s a little bit rough and a couple have been duplicated but this isn’t a portfolio panorama. It’s just to give an idea of what the market looks like.

Cacti store. This stand entirely sold cacti.I had cacti when I was a child and while I don’t really want to own any these days I like the different shapes of them.

Alternative style bags.  This stand sold bags and hats but the stand out was these jean bum style bags.

Loads of these stands sold Samurai swords. I particularly liked the handles on these.

There were two main squares alongside the Rastro market that sold antiques. One of the more beautiful things we saw was this gorgeous chandelier. This is one of the smaller chandeliers we saw but it was really beautiful nonetheless. If I lived in Madrid I would buy all of my house decorations in these shops.

Liv bi. We don’t take a lot of photos of ourselves nowadays and few together but I wanted to take a picture of Liv at Rastro.

Me! Check out the holiday hair and beard.

Really awesome looking helmet. I have no idea what the motive on the front is but I would buy this solely for decoration

Fire blowers. We don’t really see these kinds of blowers often nowadays but these were beautifull made. Again, I would buy these for decoration.

I think these are lightshades. We saw something very similar in Granada but they’re really colourful. Great decorations.

Horn stand. Horns available in a variety of styles but they look really cool

We’ve really started decorating our home recently and we’ve been hanging up all manner of things. From my panoramics to 16×12 prints to Liv’s paintings, I really decorating. I really loved these pictures although we didn’t have a lot of money at this point. I bought Liv a hat and a new person, which I’ll probably take a photo of soon, but I hope Liv can paint something like these in the future. My drawing and painting is pretty bad nowadays but she can still paint really well.

Data Entry. Enough said.

Wall clocks. As you can guess this stand sells clocks and some looked really good.

Clocks and mirrors. Taken with our new G11. Great little camera but also great mirrors in the picture.

Graffiti. Madrid and Granada (not sure about the rest of Spain) has loads of graffiti but it’s not the normal crappy looking gangster graffiti or “my name is” graffiti that we see all over the place in the UK. I really liked some of the paintings we saw and I’ll put more in this blog in the future.

Chris Bi and Liv Bi. Rare picture of the two of us together and before you ask Liv doesn’t have white hair, it’s just the sun.

This guy didn’t have a stand but he was making all kinds of great things with drink cans. Probably should have waited until he made something and took a picture but we had a lot of things we wanted to do.

Pazy Cia Ceramicas, Rastro Market, Madid

Beautiful old fashioned oven. I’m not sure how practical it would be to cook with this but I’d imagine one would buy this just for decoration.

Old bicycle

This gate was taken right at the end of the Rastro Market and was very close to Museo Sophia. Really beautiful painting and pretty big. I’m not into painting myself but I can really appreciate the work put into this.

I know it’s a poster but it’s so colourful. I’m doing a photo shoot with some local wrestlers in November and I’ve offered to do a poster for their event. I might make it something like this depending on what they’re after and also depending on their logo.

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