January 05, 2012

Review of the year

review of the year

So we’ve come to the end of 2011 and it’s been an extremely interesting, exciting, stressful, fun, everything you can name it year.

We moved to Edinburgh at the end of 2008 and after a really quiet 2009 photography wise 2010 was pretty cool and 2011 was really busy. In total I shot around 30 weddings and it looks like 2011 will be even busier.

There have been so many highlights this year and so many weddings that I’ve photographed that I’ve absolutely loved. Kelly and Niall’s wedding was a particular highlight as we got to shoot in a reportage style and everything about the day; the people, the location, was absolutely perfect.

Other highlights include all of the shoots we did at Prestonfield House Hotel. Prestonfield is easily my favourite venue in Edinburgh to shoot at and each of the four shoots we did there were equally fantastic. Gill and Dom were an absolutely great couple to work with, very professional and knew what they want. Kylie and Randy are absolutely lovely, so so friendly and we’re proud to call them friends now. Tine and Davy, who if you remember came over from Belgium, took really romantic poses. Finally there was Joanna and Robert who were absolutely lovely and super easy to work with.

I also shot a lot of weddings at Lothian Chambers this year. In just July alone I shot seven weddings there and almost felt like I was becoming resident photographer there. I really enjoy shooting weddings at Lothian Chambers as they’re relatively easy for me to shoot.

So here are some of my favourite moments from 2011. I love every wedding I shoot and if I’ve missed certain photos out it’s not because I don’t like them, it’s just that I have too many of them that I would like to share.

Hope you like this collection of photos.



Possibly my favourite photo of the year. This Beatles style photo (with a twist) really summed up the wedding. Everyone had a great time.

The above three photos are from one of our very favourite weddings of the year. Kelly and Niall were an absolute pleasure to work with and they only requested a small handful of photos. This wedding was almost entirely shot reportage style and it was an awesome change for us.

Kylie and Randy. I could just use only their photos and could write a post about favourite photos of the year with just them in. Kylie and Randy were so much fun and we’re grateful we can now call them friends. We really gave them very little direction but they were so much fun they barely needed any. Randy made us laugh as he seemed quite uncomfortable in front of the camera without his hat and glasses but with he was a completely different person.

Another of my faovurite shots of the year. This time from Jennifer and Martin’s wedding. Brilliant couple to work with and as you can see from this photo they were great fun.

Surprise of the year. Mabel and Miu’s engagement shoot. As with all couples we don’t know quite what to expect on the day of their shoots and in most cases we try to meet couples beforehand but Mabel and Miu were absolutely awesome to work with. I’m not sure if it’s an Asian thing but certainly in Taiwan, Hong Kong and I’m guessing the surrounding countries couples research their poses. With Mabel and Miu I gave them direction on their first several shots then after that, despite a slight communication issue, every pose was perfect.

Favourite group shots. This group shot where we managed to get everyone on the stairs (including the usual super drunk person) worked out really well.

Preparation photos at Prestonfield. The rooms at Prestonfield are absolutely stunning and every single shoot I have done their is an absolute pleasure.

One of the most fun shots of the year. Joanna and Robert really wanted to take some wedding photos on their scooter and thankfully the weather held out for us.

Favourite dress shot of the year. Gill and Dom stayed in the Owners Suite at Prestonfield Hotel and I simply love the above shot.

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  1. Bundaberg Wedding Photographer

    Wow, it looks like 2011 was a wonderful year for you. Loads of beautiful shots and sounds like some great adventures. Good luck for 2012!!!

    • admin

      Hi, thanks for your comment. 2011 was a really good year and it looks like 2012 should be even better. Thanks also for the compliments about the photos. Had a look at your website and your photos are really beautiful, great work.

      Good luck for 2012.


  2. Juna Photography

    Lovely collection of photos Chris. The ‘Kilts on the Crosswalk’ is such a standout image, I love it when moments like that work out.

    I like that you’ve incorporated a bit of Edinburgh into your images, it’s such an amazing city. As a Vancouver wedding photographer I don’t often get to photograph weddings at locations with that ‘old world’ feel, so I totally envy you!

    • admin

      My thanks for your comment. Edinburgh is a really beautiful city for which I do try to incorporate the architecture into the photos.

      Beautiful photos on your website btw. Love the post processing and composition of your images.