One of my favourite places to go in the UK is Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire coast. Before I got together with Liv I used to travel to Yorkshire a couple times a year and would travel to Whitby, Staithes and other places but I never really got a chance to stop and take photos.

Today Liv and I went to Robin Hoods Bay and I managed to capture a vertical panoramic and a couple of still images. For some reason, every time I go here we always have miserable weather (is this a Yorkshire coast thing??) but this is also good because you can capture fog and a lot of cloud definition.

Robin Hoods Bay Path Panoramic

Robin Hoods Bay Cute House

Robin Hoods Bay Cute House Hasselblad

Robin Hoods Bay 360 degree panoramic

Robin Hoods Bay and Ravencar panoramic

Robin Hoods Bay House on the Hill

Cream Tea and Scones