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st pauls church birmingham

St Pauls Church Birmingham Panoramics. There are many kinds of photography that I really enjoy doing. Most of my work nowadays is people photography, whether it be weddings, portraits or events, all of which I love but my other two loves in photography are film photography and panoramic photography.

For me, the best kind of photography is when you’re looking down into a huge viewfiender, manually focusing everything, shooting, winding and so forth. While this isn’t really practically for my style of people of photography I enjoy the contrast when taking landscape and panoramic images.

People photography is a fairly quick process but panoramics can take several hours to shoot depending on how much detail you want and also the size. Most of the panoramics in this post took around 30 minutes each to shoot but the film photos took just as long. The first few square images were taken with my all time favourite camera, a Hasselblad 503CW. Hasselblad lens are simply stunning; razor sharp with loads of contrast. In contrast Mamiya lenses are softer but beautiful for portraits.

At the bottom of this post are three panoramas I took from almost the same spot but at different times of the year. The first is a spring version, second summer at night and the last was taken during the autumn. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

The above is a slightly less conventional photo as it’s basically two Hasselblad negatives stitched together in Photoshop. Film used for this was Kodak Portra 160V and they were stitched in PTGui. Has a very different quality to it compared to a digital panoramic

The above were taken with two different Zeiss/Hasselblad lenses. Virtually the same sharpness for both frames.

The above is one of my all time favourite photos and was taken with a Mamiya RB67 and Fuji Across 100 film. Exposure was about 2 minutes if I remember correctly but this looks really beautiful when printed. I tried re-shooting this with the Hasselblad but just didn’t like the composition.

I’ll be creating more images like these in the future which as done will be added to this website. Hope you like!

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