Today I captured the interior of Le Monde hotel and restaurant as well as the extremely popular Shanghai nightclub underneath. Le Monde is situated along George Street in Edinburgh which is the rich/posh area to shop in Edinburgh. There are numerous designer shops along George Street and apart from the odd bit of crime here and there it remains a pretty afluent area.

Le Monde from the outside is just another typical George Street building. It’s pretty unassuming on the outside but inside it’s a huge sprawling hotel with the most beautiful rooms. Each room has it’s own unique name; Paris, London, Marrakech, Tokyo etc and every room has it’s own individual styling. There are suites, executive rooms, double rooms and so forth, so something that most people can hopefully budget and the hotel is expensive (all hotels in central Edinburgh are) but the rooms do look stunning. My personal favourite has to be Paris. Not the biggest room but I’ve been in there a couple times now through photography work and each time I go in I always say “wow!”.

My job with Le Monde was to capture some of their rooms, the Shanghai nightclub, some food and some lifestyle shots. The rooms as well as the bar/restaurant areas would involve stills as well as virtual tours and they asked if their “signature” burger could be photographed. Just a little wee note, the burger looked delicious and I’m sure it was (didn’t try it) but I’ve noticed so many restaurants in Edinburgh and Scotland in general have a burger as their signature dish. Something a bit more original maybe?

But back to the job, it took two days in the end to capture everything. Aside from one rude member of staff the job went really smoothly and it was a really fun job to shoot.

Red Bar Shanghai Nightclub Edinburgh

Shanghai Nightclub Edinburgh Bar

Shanghai Nightclub Edinburgh Dance Floor

Shanghai Nightclub Edinburgh VIP Bar

VIP Bar Shanghai Nightclub Edinburgh

Africa Suite Le Monde Edinburgh

Africa Suite Le Monde Edinburgh

Le Monde Bar Edinburgh

Le Monde Bar Edinburgh

Marrakesh Suite Le Monde Edinburgh