October 31, 2011
sicilian pastry shop

Normally I don’t write about restaurants/bakeries/grocers etc but sometimes you eat food that surprises you so much that you have to write about it and in my case, being a photographer, also photograph it.

On the 10th of October I had the great pleasure of photographing a wedding for Robert and Joanna at Prestonfield House Hotel. I’ll be blogging this eventually to try to show you what an absolutely awesome day it was but one of the biggest surprises of the day was the wedding cake.

Most wedding cakes are sponge cakes covered with marzipan. Both Liv and I hate marzipan so we were really shocked when we saw a huge cake made out of sponge with fresh cream swans and more. We asked the couple and they told us about a pastry shop on Albert Road in Edinburgh called Sicilian Pastry Shop. Naturally we had to go there immediately (well immediate was Monday lunchtime) and I was seriously like a child on christmas day opening his presents, it’s awesome in there. Half of the shop is a pastry shop while the other half is the working bakery. You can stand at the counter and watch the other half of the shop make cakes.

We’ve been there several times in the last two weeks (it’s that good!) and the first time we visited we bought the box below. Some of the reviews for “Sicilian” on the web said they are quite expensive and yes they are compared to cakes in your local supermarket but we bought this box plus a sandwich for about £8.50. The last time we ate cakes this good was when we visited Taiwan this year (Taiwanese bakery is out of this world, miles more inventive and delicious than British bakery).

So here are some photos of the cakes we ate. This is by no means portfolio work (I photographed these between taking Liv to work and editing photos) but they really are delicious.

Sicilian Bakery’s website is here

Cake box. I dare you to look at this and not drool!

Almond Bakewell Tart

Our favourite cake. Caramel and custard doughnut, simply divine

Carrot Cake. It’s pretty but Liv makes a much better carrot cake (at least I like her’s more)

Cheesecake. I like the fruit and the biscuit but the middle could have a stronger taste

Chocolate cake. Delicious! I normally hate dark chocolate but I like this!

Chocolate Cheesecake. Not so keen on this but still a lot better than supermarket cheesecake

Custard cornetti. I like this!

Cream swan. This is the reason we went to Sicilian Pastry. Robert and Joanna’s cake was made up of these swans.

To the day I die I will always be a sucker to eclairs. This was a really good one!

Fruit Tart.

St Monance. Flaky pastry with a chocolate base, chocolate profiterole and lots of cream. Great!

Strawberry tart. The strawberries are sweet rather than sour, delicious!

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