May 23, 2011

Taipei and Taipei Food

palace museum taipei

The first time I visited Taipei I really wanted to take loads of portfolio type photos including many panoramics. This time around I originally intended to take another load of panoramics but when we arrived in Taipei I decided to take a total rest.

I love taking photos but I spend so much time lugging around heavy equipment that by the time I have a break I just want to do nothing. So in this post are most of the captures I took with my camera throughout my holiday in Taipei. This time I focused more on lifestyle shots, meaning regular things that go on Taipei.

Taipei as I’ve mentioned before is an awesome city and Taiwan is a fantastic country but we only spent 10 days in Taipei and to really photograph Taiwan and to an extent Taipei you really have to live there.

Hope you like the captures below.

Dog at Shida Night Market Taipei

This dog was so cute. We spotted him outside a pet shop in Shida Night Market. Of all the markets in Taipei Shida and Ximending are easily my favourite.

Yungkan Street Night Market

Yungkan Street Night Market is a relatively small market but has some really excellent restaurants including Kao Chi which Liv has blogged about here

Shida Night Market Taipei

The above two photos are very typical night market vendors. A lot of the night market stalls are open plan but the food can be really delicious.

Two very typical drink shops. To give you an idea of cost the drinks vary between about 60p and more. At the time of writing this £1 = 46 TWD.

Do you like hot cheese potatos?

The above shows a typical seating arrangement. On the street, bit pot of chopsticks but as I said before the food can be really amazing.

Pick a vegetable. This was taken at an indoor market where you choose what you want and they cook it. We ate at another stall where we had set dishes but the food is nonetheless very good.

Another example of raw ingredients. Pick an ingredients and they will cook it for you.

Taipei Bakery

Taipei bread! Taipei bread is truly incredible. If there’s an international bakery competition then Taiwan will always be right at the top of the rankings. To give you an idea of how good the bread is, my partner and I had a long distance relationship for a period of time. She put some weight on during this period and when I asked her what she was eating she said “toast”. Now to me toast is just a slice of bread cooked which you then put a spread on. Toast in Taiwan is a chunk of bread covered in cheese with bacon, sweetcorn or whatever you can think of.

Taipei Bakery

This is toast in Taiwan!

Bread with icing sugar. Delicious!

Palace Museum Taipei

Palace Museum Taipei. We couldn’t take photos inside but we saw many ancient Chinese items. Really fascinating but the tea room / restaurant behind the glass windows at the top was disappointing. The food was supposed to be very traditional Chinese but I didn’t like it at all.

Another favourite thing about Taipei is they have 24 hour bookstores. The day after we arrived in Taipei we were struggling to adjust to Taipei time so we slept at 7pm their time and woke up at 3-4am. We went to the bookstore, bought a load of books then went to Swensons.



Xiangmanlou Cantonese Restaurant Taipei

Liv’s grandmother is Cantonese and I have eaten quite a lot of Cantonese food but Xiangmanlou, which is in Taipei, was something different for me. First of Xiangmanlou is based in a large shopping centre and right above the restaurant is a Cinema, similar to a Cineworld or Vue cinema here in the UK. You order plates of food as normal but for dim sum waiters walk around the restaurant with trolleys and you basically grab a steamer for of really delicious dim sum and eat.

Personally I love this style of eating. For Cantonese people this is a normal way of eating but I get really excited about different hot foods being carted past my table knowing I will eat something completely different each time.

Xiangmanlou Cantonese Restaurant Taipei

I believe the above is goose. This was really delicious.

The gentleman above is my father-in-law. He’s not Cantonese but there’s a big tradition in Cantonese restaurants where people bring in large newspapers that are literally an inch thick and read papers while they drink their tea and eat their dim sum. I can just imagine myself when I’m old eating dim sum, drinking tea and reading the papers all day.

More photos can be found throughout this blog or on my main website at:

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