December 08, 2015

The Illustrative Chef 30 Illustrated Recipes

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The Illustrative Chef 30 Illustrated Recipes

Today I’m going to blog about a brand new book that’s just coming out called The Illustrative Chef. For many years my wife worked as a professional chef but for multiple reasons she decided to stop working as a chef and pursue her other passion in life which is illustrating.

Two years ago she published her first cook book, Home Style Taiwanese Cooking (buy Home Style Taiwanese Cooking in the UK and Home Style Taiwanese Cooking in the US) and next year she’ll very likely release another cookbook, this time focusing on Home Style Chinese Cooking, but she’s always dreamed about releasing an illustrated cookbook and this is it.

For the last couple years she’s been a contributor to the lovely “They Draw and Cook” website where you can submit your own illustrated recipes. To give you an idea how popular their website is here are some stats taken from their website-Facebook, 256K+ followers.

Facebook, 256K+ followers
Instagram, 26+K followers
Twitter, 3K+ followers
Pinterest, 1K+ followers
Newsletter, 9K+ subscribers
RSS Feed, 3K+ subscribers
-Website, 80K+ pageviews/month

That sounds like a pretty good readership to me! In early 2015 they accounted a competition to publish an illustrated cook book through them and the criteria was to create 30 recipes by certain dates throughout the year and you could possibly have a book published. Liv was one of these people. In total I think there are going to be 5 or 6 recipe books published but still it’s extremely cool and I’m really proud and happy that Liv has this opportunity.

In total it took her five months to create all the illustrations. This sounds like a long time but when you combine her university studies, commissioned illustration work, a part time job, a 3 year old child, house duties etc it’s a lot of work. She also made each recipe in person to make sure all the measurements were correct and everything tasted great.

Below is a copy of the cover and a small collection of recipes from the book.

the illustrative chef illustrated cook book
chai tea recipe illustration
elderflower panna cotta recipe illustration
hibiscus cocktail recipe illustration
passion fruit pumpkin recipe illustration
stewed pear recipe illustration
watercress soup recipe illustration

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